New Years Resolutions

For possibly the first time ever I have some serious new years resolutions. In previous years I’ve never bothered. And while I think it’s better to always Start Now, if you want to see the New Year as a symbolic occasion to make some positive changes well that’s grand.

That’s what I’m going with for this year. 2016 hasn’t been that great for me and I’m ending it a little bit low to be honest. However as I see out this week readying myself for the onslaught of the week after I have been thinking over some of things I want to resolve to do in 2017.

I’ve come up with these:

1.     I want to put myself in, and say yes to, opportunities that will get me out the house, meeting new people and getting more involved in the arts community. If I don’t have planned things to do I spend a lot of time home alone. I have a routine of going into work and home again. While I like spending time alone, I don’t very much like being lonely. If I don’t have plans with friends I want to see what I could go and do myself, I want to go to events and talks even if it means going alone. I want to seek out opportunities to meet and talk with artists and freelancers and creative business owners in a face to face setting.

2.     I want to be more ‘step based’ in my approach to ideas and projects. I want to break down tasks into manageable chunks and not become overwhelmed by what could or could not happen in the bigger scheme of things. This I hope with mean I don’t get stuck in the ‘thinking of the idea’ phase of a project and get me to the ideal I spoke of in the intro – just bloody get on with it, start now.

3.     I want to read a more diverse range of books. By this I mean both in genre and author.  I want to read more non-fiction, poetry, essays by authors and artists from different backgrounds and cultures.


I think those are 3 good ones to get on with. I hope to build towards great things in 2017 and I hope January 2018 me looks back and thinks I’ve done a good job.


How are you finding reflecting on 2016? Have you got any resolutions for 2017?