Blogs Begin Again: Returning with Focus

We’ve spruced ourselves up a bit around here, and just like me getting ready, it’s taken a while to look half alright. While away I took some time to refocus and define this online space.

My brain ran through many thoughts. Well what do I have to offer? How can I offer assistance and value while posting about my own work? Are all the things I want to post about cohesive? I’m not exactly successful (yet) so how can I give advice on anything?


It was my best friend shouting FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD at me down the phone right before a date that stuck with me. The date flopped but I was left with a thought that sometimes you just have to do something before you are ready. I realized that I can offer my transparency and journey, readers can share their own, and talking about the way up is just as valuable as hearing the inspiring stories from the top. We’re all learning anyway right?

My own slice on living as a creative freelancer, creating visual work and joining a community of support and inspiration.

I then went on an actual break. To Disneyworld. And while hugging Chewbacca, eating my weight in corn dogs and talking to Rapunzel about painting on walls was necessary and fun, I came home eager to get moving. Getting away from even thinking about work got me geared up to come back with more motivation than I have felt in ages. And so here we are.

I return with more direction and clarity and while what’s to come is still something of a mystery, I have enough grounding to know I will move in directions that are focused.


Return on Sunday for a new blog post on blank paper and getting started. Yes, we’re at the beginning of the creative process again.

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Thank you for all your wonderful comments. 


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