Artwork: Listening with colour

A few weeks ago I posted about a phenomenon called synesthesia where those with it have the ability to link senses - seeing colours when they read numbers, or listen to musical notes. I posted two playlists which had similar colours for me. I promised to post two images with the colours from each playlist after I returned from a trip - which is now. 

The first playlist had a lot of bright pastels: yellows, blue and pinks with softer shades of pale yellow and blue where the music felt softer, like in Turn to White and Pan's Lullaby. I had almost sparks of brighter pinks in Soda and (Girl We Got A) Good Thing. 

The second had darker, but vibrant colours. Purples, navy in the majority of them. Turquoise crept up in New Americana and there were some peaches in Postcard from 1952. 

I was also trying out some watercolour pro markers I've just got. I think they look pretty cool but I want to use them a bit more to get a better feel of them. I tried using them for the hair in the second image - my idea was to have an impression rather than the detail. I'm not too sure it was as successful as I'd hoped but I like the image overall :) 


Did you listen to the playlists? What did you think of them? How do these images and colours fit to you? 


I'll be back next week with more talk on where I've been.