Crafty Fox Market Haul

Crafty Fox Market was held at The Dogstar in Brixton this weekend and if you’re offering me booze, cake and art in the same place: I’m there.

The Market is held frequently throughout the year and I follow many artists who put up stalls there. I wanted to find those whose work I knew and have a look at what else there was to discover. 

In total these are the good pictures I took on the day. There were two others which are blurry. This is due to the beer I thought it was a great idea to have, after having only had a smoothie and chocolate muffin for breakfast (balanced meal).  But this is what happens when I get let into a pub on a bank holiday.

I did, however, score some pretty sweet stuff. The first being this flamingo in a party hat pin. I think we revisited Alice Tam’s stall 3 times. And can you blame us. 

Side note: you’ll notice a reoccurring theme of pins. Whilst I was at the *ahem* bar, the peace pin I posted about in a previous blog post pinged off my boob!  I managed to salvage the front but the fastener is gone meaning it will no longer be appearing on the denim jacket. I thought I would make up for this devastating loss by replacing it with like 20 more pins. 

If you want to get my attention show me something sparkly. Pup Tart’s stall was a feast of glitter and colour. I got this glittery pineapple patch and watermelon pin that I’m pretty pumped about. 


I follow Lucky Dip Club on instagram and their latest box has just gone out. I was perusing Hello Sunshine only the day before as one of the contents was from this store and look I found them at the market. I got these cute kitties as my best pal, Hannah, has a black and a tabby. So now I can have my own Kitten and Booby (if you follow along with this blog you will eventually meet Hannah and this gives you a good indication of why we are best pals).

The colours on Natalie Lee Owen’s stall dragged me over and there were so many sweet things to get. I went for this Camden print notebook because I see it every day and look at the colours on it! I was very into the colour combos.  Natalie is also a finalist in the Etsy Awards and you can vote here.

Walking around I found some work that I didn’t purchase on the day but was very interested in looking into. 

I had hoped to get a portrait done by andsmile Studio but all the spaces were full when I got there so I was sad about that. But I did pick up a card so that I can keep it in my purse and tell grumpy morning Hannah what to do. 

I thought the work of surface pattern designer Hayley Louise Crann was beautiful, as was the jewellery from Storm in a Teacup.  Give me a dog in socks with friends and a backstory and I am all over it. Mister Peebles is very cute.

I definitely recommend that you head to The Dogstar the next time Crafty Fox Market is in town. Even looking around the stalls is enjoyable. All vendors are approachable and friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed and calm.

And there’s beer and cupcakes.