Peace in Central Park

Walking around New York in this jacket was almost a bit too warm some days. I got the split heart pins, 'Tristin and Isolde' from Hannah Kristina Metz's store. I've admired her style and products since stumbling across her online during my time at university. I had a load of people point them out to me and say they liked them so I think I made a good purchase.  The peace sign also got some attention until people spotted the fine writing and looked confused. Luckily I was happy to explain it's a pin from a show called HAIR and then the majority knew I hadn't pinned some weird miss-print to my jacket. 

I like how people will pick up on certain pieces of clothing so that they become talking points. They are almost like little insights into who that person is. In New York either at a cashier or restaurant or even walking down the street (this happens with my Hamilton tote bag mostly) these little accessories get pointed out in a short but sweet moment with a total stranger. Sometimes it's these little interactions that can make all the difference. It's one of the reasons I really enjoying fashion and styling and I thought I would share some of my 'talking points'. 

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