Artwork: Commissions

I opened my commissions page on the website last week. Here are the options available.

Drawn commissions are all pieces I make with pencil, watercolour and marker. These are good for portraits and multiple coloured or shaded pieces.

Papercut commissions will take slightly longer and are good for contrast black and white or two colour pieces. Papercut commissions are good for display due to the way they are made

Both of the above commission types are good for wedding gifts, new little baby rooms, portraits for your home or as gifts, and decorative pieces. However if you’ve got something in mind you think I can help you with, I wanna hear it.

I’ve also put up the ability to order custom size printing ahead of my store re-opening. I will sell set sizes there but should you have a specific frame or place to put the print you want I will be able to accommodate specific sizing.

Lastly I’ve offered alternative commissions such as stationary designs and bigger pieces. This is really to open up to different and varying types of work that I haven’t done so much of yet. I would like to offer this option ahead of further commission types becoming available.

I hope you’ll have a look at the page. My online store will be reopening soon which will have prints at a cheaper rate than commissioned and original pieces. I also have my eyes on some fun other things.

Any questions please come and chat to me.