Ice Cream in Regents Park

Ice Cream is no small matter. It often marks the start of the summer, we judge the economic rise by the cost of a 99, we judge a persons compatibility by their choice of topping (me in these photos: all of them). 

Regents Park is fun in the sun, I recently went to see Running Wild at Regents Park Open Air Theatre. It's a stage adaption of Michael Morpurgo's Running Wild, which is probably for kids but an Orangutan definitely got shot on stage so I'd say it's more an all-rounder... 

A kid gets saved from the Boxing Day Tsunami by an Elephant and goes into the Jungle. It's based on a real story of an elephant saving the life of young girl during the same Tsunami. 

Basically elephants are awesome and as and ode to them, I'm attempting to reach the same size in this photoset. 

Sunnies: River Island, Crop Top: Missguided, Backpack: Asos, Skirt: Asos, Shoes: TOMS. 


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