Kew Gardens: Part 1

Me and my best pal, also called Hannah, went to Kew Gardens on a pleasantly surprising sunny day last week. 

I got so many reference photos for upcoming work which you'll get to see on the blog in the next few weeks. These were mostly plants and leaves but I go nuts for the huge greenhouses Kew has and I think I want to incorporate these buildings into my plans. 


The Palm House is a two story greenhouse that lets you walk up spiral staircases and around the perimeter to look down at the huge leaves and palms growing in it. You can take the stairs further down than the ground floor and into an aquarium. 

The Victorian architecture is what makes the place so picturesque. I took about 937 photos here and Hannah and I ran around claiming we'd found the biggest leaves. 

The Waterlily House is a little more darling than the Palm house and smaller. Which is good because it's so humid I went the same colour as my shorts. There's some crazy things hanging around you but you can't deny those pads. I want to sit in one. 

We went outside in the mid day sunshine and actually cooled off. Then Hannah and I levelled up and went on the Rooftops Walkway. Like being able to see the tops in the Palm House, but you're much higher, outside and feel less safe. 

It looks like something from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, so automatically I like it. You can't tell in these photos but the anxiety levels in both of us have risen rapidly. So it was a mixed bag. 

Back on the ground we walked around a lot more of the grounds. The Japanese Garden is very lovely and has a huge tower we were relieved to discover you can't go up at the moment. 

We also visited the Marianne North and Shirley Shirwood galleries. The Marianne North is my favourite; because of it's look, layout and paintings. Looking at the photos from Marianne's life of travels makes me want to pack a sketchbook and a rucksack and set off. It's really great to see all the work she created and more so because it was a women going off and travelling and documenting what she saw. You can't photograph inside the galleries but you can see what they are like here and here

That's it for now. This was just going to be an outfit post with a cool back drop.

 I want to break these photos up a bit and the next section is suited for itself: Cacti and Succulents and the Prince of Wales Conservatory. It's very cool and a lot of photos. I'll be back with some art work too.

Top: Zara, Shorts: ASOS, Shoes: Toms, Rucksack: ASOS.