Kew Gardens: Part 2

As promised I have more to show from my trip to Kew Gardens. I don't know if you were really holding me to this promise, but let me show you anyway. If you haven't seen part 1, by all means take a look (scroll)

The Hive is the new installation. It it's a large scale bee hive, with lights and humming sounds meant to emulate what it is like inside an actual hive. I thought it was a cool idea. I like work like this; the fact we know what it's like inside a real beehive, how it works and why that's important, how the artist has chosen to use this to create an educational and immersive experience. It demonstrates what art can do, and how it can celebrate what's around us as well as our own achievements. 

The only downside was neither Hannah or I considered the fact the floor was clear and people where underneath looking up. 

The Prince Charles Conservatory was full of different rooms with plants from different exotic climates. I love the look of all the plants together and am currently running my mind through pieces I can make inspired by these rooms. 

Plants are wrapped around the huge pillars to the building which were hard to capture in photographs. The place seemed like a different world. I remember basing a location on this place in an idea for a novel I put together as a teen. 

As we left we saw staff setting up for a reception as there was a wedding that evening. So many wedding at a botanical gardens inspired ideas so hmu guys because I don't think i'll be getting married for about 137 years. 

By this point we were flagging and they were starting to kick us out of places. We walked through the rock gardens and then turned our attention to food. I pretty much fell asleep in my fish and chips. 

However the place we eat at was adorable and my future home goals. The place is called Tap on the Green and is like a pub with a conservatory. Then made our sleepy way home.

For the whole day we spent at Kew, we didn't even get to look around all of the gardens. I have some more tickets and so I hope to make a return before the end of the year. 

I came away from the place with ideas whirring around in my brain, but more prominently the desire to create. This particular day has lead me to develop some of my next work. It's also lead to my ideas on moving forward as I work to launch my store and how it will work once opened. I'm very excited to share with you all. 

I hope you liked these photos and walk through of my day. For every one uploaded photo there are about 18 more. It's taken a while to get through them all. 

Thanks for scrolling through all these.