Podcast Recommendations for the At Home Creative

Now that I have all of Friday to work solely on my creative endeavors, I have taken to listening to a lot of podcasts while I draw or paint. I have found it’s more engaging than listening to music. I’ve got my top recommendations listed below to share with you.

The High Low.

This podcast is like sitting at lunch with your friends. The two hosts, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton cover the weeks news from everything political to cultural, high brow to low brow as the name indicates. It’s funny, thoughtful and has lots of great recommendations for articles, books and TV shows. The two are very articulate and even when they differ from one another, it’s nothing more than an offering of two points of view. Their friendship shines through and this, along with the theme tune, can’t help but leave you smiling. 

Guys We Fucked.

These are always quite long episodes which I love to listen to working on a piece that I’ve set aside a few hours for. This podcast is predominantly about sex and relationships and hosted by two comedians, Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson. Refreshing is the word often attached to praise of this podcast I think but that’s because it’s very accurate. The hosts are hilarious, honest and open. I think what they are doing is so important, needed and extremely healthy. I started listening in October and keep up with new episodes but in between go back and listen to the archive. They have a range of quests and I’ve listened to points of views that I would never come across and quests who have the most interesting stories to tell.

Anna Faris is Unqualified.

Anna and her guest basically answer two calls from people needing advice and then proceed to give them the advice they think of. The point is that they are not qualified to give life advice (hence the name) but often come up with the goods anyway.  Before the calls Anna usually has some other features that include some improv, interviews and casual chat. It’s not the most slick podcast, and I mean that as praise. You can hear people in the background (Chris Pratt arriving home) and it doesn’t seem heavily edited. I love this format and it works so well. Anna is a true gem.


I might be a few years older than the target demographic of this podcast but I’m in full support of Tavi Gevinson and all that Rookie does. The podcast is fairly new but there’s already been some HQ quests from all industries and I’ve taken a lot from the things they’ve said. Other features like starter pack, where someone gives you the best entry points to a new hobby or genre or interest, are really fun to listen to.

Creative Pep Talk.

Yes, I do also listen to podcasts very specifically relevant to my industry too. This is also the first podcast I ever started listening to. Andy J Pizza (not his real name) goes in depth about the challenges of being a commercial artist, or making art for a living. He delivers thought out strategies and ideas for combatting things like burnout, idea blocks, marketing woes and more. It’s also a celebration of creativity, ideas and making great work. Andy has such a great energy. It does what its says on the tin, you feel fully pepped up take on your daily work, next project or just get started.

Make it Happen. 

Jen Carrington is my coach, and a coach to many other creatives. Make It Happen takes you through strategies, ideas and tips on managing your life as a creative. Some episodes are interviews with creative business owners who talk about how they got started and how they manage their responsibilities. Others are shorter bite size episodes on a specific topic from Jen herself. Perfect for a tube ride. It can feel quite daunting, almost impossible, to be a freelance creative business owner but listening to those who are successfully doing it is a huge boost of encouragement.

Call Your Girlfriend.

I’ve only started to listen to this podcast in the past few weeks but it’s making this list. I’ve gone back to the start, 2014, and am listening chronologically. Two friends, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, who live across the US call each other and talk about what’s been happening. It’s sort of like we’re listening in on their phone call but they know we are because it’s a podcast. They talk about big things in the news, what they’ve been up to and call other mutual friends. I’ve just got on to them answering listener questions. It’s a relaxed podcast but the two hosts have an agenda each week and regular topics (this week in mensuration news, as an example). It’s a very easy listen and I want to be friends with them.

I’m always on the look (ear) out for new podcasts. What are some of your favourites?