5 really awesome creative people to follow on instagram

I'm a big fan of instagram. I suppose it stands to reason as it's a visual platform and I'm a very visual person. I've found some very inspiring artists/people on it. I would say it's my biggest source of 'look at this person killin' it' kind of inspiration. I've shared just some of my favourite accounts below! 



I've not followed Laxmi, artist and illustrator, for very long but I love her simple line drawings and beautiful brushwork. She also shares some shots of her own life and family with a very good eye for composition. Also, just seems totally cool. 



I think this photographer is very well known and very recognisable. I love their shots of regular life and people with the pastel tones of the finished image. 



Brooke Stonehouse is another illustrator who paints and draws with a lovely colour palette. The colours feed out into her other images of her trips, home and friends. I think she also has some fun iphone camera attachments which produce some pretty photos. 



I came across Eleanor's work at The Illustration Fair and was enchanted by her display. The work Eleanor produces just feels so delicate. I love the little creatures she makes and kind of want a whole world created for them to live in. 



Julia Bayliss is one half of clothing brand itsmeandyou which I am desperate to get my hands on. I came across her account by going through an instagram hole (getting to an account through another account, through another, etc etc). I often forget how I found people and then see various people I follow pop up on the accounts of other people I follow and it sort of feels like I am a silent member that no one knows about. But in any case Julia (and her friends!) post wonderfully styled, body positive shots. 


I think finding people who post visually stimulating content can be very good for your own visual ideas and inspiration. Looking at what you like about their images, styling and content can help you discover what you truly value about your own style. Not just for instagram, but for any visual expression.

There are about 800 more accounts I can add to this but we don't have hours to spend on instagram (even though I give it a good try). If you want to have a peruse of who I follow, or indeed follow myself; my instagram is >here<

I hope you've found some cool new accounts to enjoy. What are some of your favourite accounts to follow?