What's good about buying from Independent Artists?

I’m currently on a two week holiday and have spent the first week hanging out at home watching TV (Love Island mostly – I’m at a loss now that it’s over). I do not hang around at home doing next to nothing very often at all but I found myself taking in my surroundings. I was looking at a piece of artwork we have hanging on our wall in the living room and thinking about how no one else would have this painting. It got me thinking about commissioning work and why I’ve bought pieces in the past. It’s certainly been something I’ve thought about since putting up original pieces of my own in my shop. So what did I come up with…

It’s Unique

Commissioning art or buying original art means that only you have that actual piece of work. It can be tailored exactly to you.  Down to size, shape and function. We have some commissioned artwork in our home and people often comment on it when they visit.  My dad ordered a piece from an artist selling his work on ebay back in 2003. A few years later he wanted something else and went back to the same artist, who then had his own site and successful career. He was happy to work with us again and it felt like we were checking in with someone who valued and maybe even remembered us. It’s a different experience to buying a ready made thing. I’ve got a wall full of prints from artists I’ve connected with through social media and they all mean just that bit more.

You’re supporting Artists

This one is a big one for me, being one myself and knowing just how important it is to support peers. Buying from artists helps them with paying their rent right through to helping them increase their credibility. On the most basic level it means they are able to support themselves doing something that they love.  It will also mean that they can build themselves up to take on more opportunities (nice for them) and this in turn raises the opportunities for other artists (nice for you). Liking art work is, of course, lovely but engaging and supporting means that the art world and artists we love are able to grow and stick around for longer.

It’s an investment

Buying a limited edition print or original piece of artwork most of the time means it will increase in value. As the name of the artist rises so does the price tag. Not that you’d buy to sell on necessarily. We have a painting that my grandparents owned hanging in our house and it’s worth more than anyone would pay for it.

I can only dream you’ll be making an investment buying anything I have created. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and I was pretty please with the results of this tangent my brain went on.

Hannah LewisComment