A See Ya to New Girl

New Girl is ending after 7 seasons tonight and I feel compelled to scramble up a thank you to it.  I guess part of the point of a TV show is that for 20 or 40 minutes you suspend your disbelief and see these characters as people with internal thoughts and desires. It’s part of your enjoyment of the show and means you see yourself and people around you reflected in the people on screen.

And New Girl has characters that make me ‘hands clutched to my chest, nose crinkled in a smile’ kind of care about them.

When the show came out I hadn’t really seen a lead like Jess before. A feminine female lead who was confident in her abilities, in charge of what was going on whilst also being sort of an endearing mess.  A 21 year old me saw a lot of herself in the character of Jess.

When I started watching the show I was in my second year of university living in this huge, crumbling house with 5 other girls. Now I’m slightly more alone, significantly less tolerant to alcohol and enjoying the benefits of double glazing.

I’m well aware that I’m not exactly under represented in the media. But I am very quiet and unsuspecting. And I set out running my own business and it was Jess Day that 7 years ago started an inkling of a feeling that I could do something like that.

A show doesn’t need to mean This Thing to you for you to feel something as it’s ending. For the most part New Girl has been a show that I have, simply put, loved watching. I have spent 7 years watching it. I’ve met real life people in actual real life through it. It’s had the ability to make me squeal (best kiss I’ve ever experienced tbh), make me laugh when no one is around (The scene about the popcorn maker springs to mind) and kept me company on a couple of sick days. I’m glad to have been introduced to positive influential women; Liz, Hannah and of course Zooey. I will be so excited to follow the careers of them all after this.

It’s a show about friendship and love, and how things never quite go the way you think they are going to go. A lesson I’ve been learning too. Thank god New Girl has been there to tell me that’s all good.  Thank you to all involved, see ya.