An Insight Into A Broken Leg: Journalling the Injuries

In the first few weeks of coming out of hospital I was still processing the shock of what had happened. I don’t think anyone ever fully considers what it’s like to have a major injury until you’re facing it but I definitely had no idea about all that came with a leg in three pieces. I don’t like hospitals, nor do I handle needles or blood very well, so knowing I was going to have to have daily injections and tests and IV’s added to all the stress.

The bruises were large, blue and black. The marks were sore. The X ray of the plate and screws I saw at my first check up 2 weeks after the operation when the first cast came off and I saw my entire lower leg was bruised yellow and green from under my knee down to over my foot. I noted all injuries , marks and bruises in my journal in rough drawings I think as a way for my brain to convey that this is what it’s like.


You can read about the injury and my experience just after here

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