How did you become an Illustrator?

I pursued Illustration at University after discovering I liked the more commercial style of creating at Art School. I have freelanced since graduating alongside other jobs. I became fully freelance in 2018.

Always have a project, start making work you want to be making even before anyone employs you to do it, get your work online, you'll always be developing your style and building your portfolio so don't worry about not being at the standard you wish to be at yet.

I want to do what you do, could you give me any tips? 

Most probably. The best thing to do is to contact me here.

Can I get a print of something that isn't in your shop?

What materials do you use?

I use a mixture of fine point pens and watercolour. 

I generally don't take on tattoo commissions. I would suggest you find a tattoo artist whose style you like and work with them on the design.

Would you design a tattoo for me?

I only work with publishers for book illustrations. If you do have a publisher please ask them to get in touch.

Would you illustrate my book?

Probably sleeping.

How is Leo?

Can't see your answer here? Please feel free to contact me