Changing Room Fashion Show

I did something a little new on Monday. It was a pretty long and crazy day but I finished at 4pm (which I think gives you some indication of how early I started) and I had all day travel. I went to the most inappropriate place for someone dealing with a stress headache; Oxford street. I can't talk about the day yet (I will!) but events lead to me having hair and make up done. I wasn't going to waste good hair on going home. 

I was going to waste it on trying on clothes I can't afford and taking mirror selfies. I give you; My changing room fashion show! 

Due to the aforementioned headache I quickly decided I was just going to go into stores I wasn't able to go into regularly. The first place was Bershka. I really like Bershka and go in there often when I am around a store. I found these shirts that I thought were awesome and really love both prints. 

I'm on the lookout for some good tartan with a white collar like this shirt. I can't decide if I want a dress or a shirt. I'll end up with both no doubt. I liked this one, it's a light material and I like the colours on the pattern with the thin white strip. 

I'm happy about these style jackets and sweaters filtering into Autumn. The print on this one was pretty and the material slightly thicker. Not enough to keep you warm but it'll add a little extra to an outfit. 

Next I went to Urban Outfitters where I picked out this daisy print shirt and playsuit. Both of which probably aren't the best purchases for the middle of October but they are nice anyway. I would wear the crap out of this shirt come spring. 

I wondered whether this made me look like I should be on Blackpool Pleasure Beach around the early 1920s but I did like it. I put jeans over too as I was aware of the leg in Autumn/winter but thought £55 was a bit much for something that looked like a t shirt and would be a massive pain come toilet time. I like trying on things I wouldn't normally though.

Topshop is easy to come by but I went into the store on Oxford Street to head down to the basement to find the collection by The Whitepepper. I have been following them on tumblr for a while and wanted to have a look at their clothes in the flesh. This was an extra small and I still feel like it swamped me though I really liked the detail on the shoulder. 

This was the last stop as it was cutting it fine to getting back in time for The Walking Dead season opener and my headache wasn't letting up. 

Like I said before, I like trying on clothes I would be unsure about just to see how they look on. I pick out things I like but wouldn't go for as a safe bet. I've found I've loved things I was unsure about and changed my mind on things I really liked. Sometimes it's a pain to try on clothes but I've found it's really helped me pick things out and has influenced how I feel in clothes for sure. 


Do you like trying on clothes or do you prefer to avoid the changing queue? 

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