Fat Penguins

I find starting something hard. Even that first sentence. I sat here for a while thinking ‘what do I begin with?’ But nothing ever gets done unless it gets started and so I guess that is what this is. Just starting.

I have wanted to do a blog for a while now but I never knew where to begin, what it could be, if it would be any good. I guess we’re about to find out.

I have gone back and forth fiddling around with this. So yesterday I decided to take myself by the metaphorical ankles and throw myself into the metaphorical deep end and announce I would be launching my blog today. So that is what I’m doing.

 Is this a really bad launch?

What can you expect? Well art, fashion and some writing. I want to create a space to explore things - ideas and discussions and new pencils. I wanted a place to share everything and not feel restricted. I will still be keeping my art tumblr and my regular tumblr (I just can't quit you tumblr) and will eventually produce a portfolio site for my work. 

Oh that reminds me! I'm an Illustrator! Hi! I work freelance mostly. I do a couple of other things that are less regular. I like to do a lot of diverse things and am open to all opportunities. Segway back into what I was talking about. 

I wanted a space to share a lot more than my drawings - clothes, thoughts, views, experiences and hopefully advice on being a twenty something and having no real clue about the future. A place to connect with people, I guess. With you! 

I'm going through a period of change and I want to try some new things. So this is a good time to start recording them. Thats all to come. Come along for the ride and feel free to say hello.

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