Loom bands and Little ponies


At this stage in my life I feel like I am straddling the line between a somewhat responsible adult and a post grad who doesn't know what she's doing. I enjoy working and I like responsibility. But sometimes the idea of the future is overwhelming and daunting. I seem to be dealing with this by making the same sort of purchases I would have done at 8 years old. 


If you haven't seen loom bands I will assume you've not seen anyone under the age of about 12 for the last few months. My friend Kelly and I were walking around a shopping centre last week and there were stalls selling these everywhere. Loom bands are the new craze and I will assume a very welcome one - I witnessed a group of about 5 boys making these quietly at a pub (and selling them on for 30p) while their parents chatted. I remember similar crazes like scooby doos when I was at school. We decided to spilt a packet between us thinking they couldn't be that hard to figure out. 

Anyway, about 2 youtube tutorials later we were sitting just as quietly making these in the middle of a shopping centre. 

Highly addictive. Probably not the best way to spend 50p. 

I am really impressed by the variety of things Primark has been selling recently. I rarely went in there for a while because they always seem to look like the floor of my teenage brothers bedroom. But now that I am a post grad and therefore poor, I've been making my way back in more and more. I got this pyjama set partly because I wanted something that would be cool (in the hot v cold sense) and also because I don't always make great life decisions. 

But hay. Who says you can't be a big kid every once in a while. Especially when My Little Pony pj's come in adult sizes. 

Have you been a big kid recently? What things from your childhood would you like to re-own again now? 



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