Lavender Fields

The summer is drawing to a close and I hadn't yet visited the Lavender field close to where I live. I thought I better get to it just because it's such a site to see. A sea of purple. 


A lot of photographers, tourists and people like me walking around with cameras. I think I got asked to take a photograph 3 times walking down just one row. I think I'll make it a service next year, cash in on it ;) 

The owners have a shop and cafe where they sell a lot of gifts, bunches of lavender and food. There is lavender ice cream, lavender tea, chocolate, fudge, juice! All sorts of things. I had a lemonade and a cupcake. 

Each year the owners hold a photography competition and one of these years I think I'll actually enter it. But for now it's fun to walk around and take obvious instragram pictures unashamedly. 

Hannah Lewis2 Comments