Dresses in Autumn

There is a collection of easy to wear summer dresses in H&M that aren't expensive at all. I'm having trouble not buying the whole lot. As we're coming into Autumn I think buying summer dresses is a little redundant, especially in England.

But I don't think I need to pack away all of my summer wardrobe. I think my creativity and resourcefulness extends into my dress sense. Despite my constant wish for more clothes, I much prefer clothes that have a lot of wear in them. While I was walking around stores this week I was dreaming up ways I could wear these dresses way into the season of falling leaves.


I have a cropped black jumper and it's one of my most used items in my wardrobe. I always wear it over dresses and skirts. I chose grey for the dress shown below but I think picking up some autumnal colours would look really nice with black dresses. 

I have ice blocks for feet so doubling up socks is more of a necessity than anything that looks good - but I still really like the look of layered long socks. Just make sure you have water proof shoes because double soggy socks is probably what they'll make you wear in hell.


Here .

Leather jackets come out again, at least for me, in Spring and the beginning of Autumn. You may be aware I like a little colour here and there and did that here with layering. I think with the colder mornings leading to the milder day times layering is all I do at this time of year for the best of all worlds. 

How would you wear these? 


Dress and models from HERE.  Handdrawn illustration my own.

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