A wedding weekend

At the age of 24 I can finally say I have attended a wedding. Really, it's taken that long. It was also my first family wedding. One of many I hope because this particular side of the family know how to throw a party. 

The wedding was on a Friday. I wore this dress I bought off ebay for £8. It reminded me of an Elie Saab design and I'm pretty sure it's meant to look similar to it. Actually 100%. I stupidly deleted the picture of myself in the actual dress but I did post a picture on my instagram on the day. Otherwise please assume I looked just as good as the model below ;) 



I went with a white belt so there isn't any separation in the middle but wanted to have brighter shoes and bag. I couldn't find matching colours anywhere but I found these blue sandal wedges on sale in New Look and also found the bag while I was on the website. There are paler blues and bright coral in the dress and its quite easy to pick out colours and use them to pick accessories. 

Literally the only good picture I got was of the cake. Alcohol rendered me a useless. I forgot I had a blog, I forgot I had a camera. I forgot I was around 50% of my family members. 

The next day we were all very much subdued. There had been a lot of alcohol consumed the night before. We turned up with a bottle but it was more protocol than having any intention to drink it. My Aunt and Uncle have a lovely garden with a koi pond up front and trees at the back. Everyone was able to spread out and chill with friends or with family. 

I saw my buddy, Sooty again. I remember this cat when he was a little a kitten. Later on he was found going for it with the leftover quiche and he also tried to put his head in a jug of cream. At least I told everyone it was him ;) 

The day after felt like an extra. But it was a Sunday and still the weekend. We went out to the cinema as a last treat. Sitting in a dark room for a few hours might not have been the best idea after the past two days but we all stayed awake. 

I wore more summery colours in the form of one of my favourite skirts. 

Both the top and skirt are from River Island. The shoes are simple plimsols from Primark and the belt was bought from New Look to try with the dress for the wedding. 


Such a hard time 'having' to take a three day weekend. I had a really great time and I want to wish happiness and love to my cousin Jenny and Greg.

Did you attend any weddings this year? 

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