The School Craft Project Exhibition

My mum recently pulled a box out in front of me and told me that inside was a collection of craft projects my brother and I had done in our school years. I had to sort through it to see if I wanted to keep anything otherwise it was time to clear it away. 

What at first looked to be a dusty box that once cased an old set of telephones was actually a treasure chest of hilarity. My brothers and my own childhood craft projects all jumbled up in one box? How would we know the works true creator. Nope. It was easy to tell. 

Here is some of the collection I like to call 'My brother just had bigger shit to deal with'. 


My Dino's too bootylicious for you babe. First I think these dinosaurs are pretty evenly matched. I remember making these when I was about 6 and not wanting to stop painting so I used almost every colour on offer. This is a recurring theme in my early work. 

How many f-ing pots did we need? Man. I could tell these two seemed to be from the same exercise. 'I'll just used this bit of a grey pen. Job done'. 

This is one of my favourites. The door actually reads my own house number and, again, I wanted to keep decorating that block of clay for as long as possible. My brother claims he really wanted to live in a bungalow. The caving roof I'm not so sure about. 

I never understood what it was that made this a pig. Maybe my brother was going through an abstract phase and the non existent head was a metaphor for school dinners or something. Or he ran out of clay. 

Another duck. I liked ducks for a bit. 

The task was to use all the colours. 

I have to give some credit to the bro here. I can see a pretty rad sax and some musical notes. He did put a picture of himself in it and give to mum for her birthday which I feel deserves some jibbing but the musical notes are pretty cool. I used a pritt stick for those circles. 

Look at that masterpiece. It's a fully functioning jug. Not bad for primary school. 

So yeah we're not keeping any of these. Except for that jug. I'm keeping the jug. 


Have you found anything you made as a kid recently? 

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