Pinch, punch and all that. March! how the? Oh well, time is relative I guess and I have been busy. 

February was good. A promotion, a lot of work and progress made. I think I'm doing ok. No rest for the wicked however and here I want to share some plans for this month. I'm thinking about making something like this a monthly thing so let me know if you think it's good! 

1. Brave Little Bones! So this little guy has been a long time coming. This month is hopefully going to be a pretty big one because it's kinda all done and we're kinda getting the proof copies. I'm excited. 

For those who don't know, last year I contacted a mutual follower on tumblr about a poetry collection she was planning on publishing. That person was and still is Kayla Hollatz and over the past year we've been on a roller coaster of varying speed in our journey to getting this completed. Publishing a book has a lot more to it you guys, it's been a learning curve and be sure to hear more as we push this one out (weird analogy). 


2. A little spring clean! I definitely want to add some more stuff to this place. It's been a matter of time, as always, to create stuff and get it all into place. I want to add some more information about commissions, more work on show and easier links to what else you can find from me. I'd always appreciate your feedback on this stuff too and so shout! 

3. Back to business! I want to get more stuff up on my store, including some original work maybe! I certainly want to open up commissions again. In the mean time if you have anything in mind please contact me directly but I hope to make this a more accessible service. 


4. Freshen up! I want to clear out my wardrobe, organise my savings and eat a little better. I am so looking forward to the weather picking up and I want to enjoy myself and feel good! 


Hopefully that is all manageable. We'll see. 

How do you keep organised? And what are your goals for this month?!