Little glimpses


I get frustrated when people announce they have a project but can't tell you anything about it. Frustrated because I want TO KNOW THE THING because I'm a child and can't get to grips with patience. I do understand the hold back on information, however. I have to do the same. I have to keep news under wraps for months (sometimes years!) before I can talk about what I've done to the whole internet.

But right now I want to show you a few things I've created recently for ongoing projects. I'm working on two books right now, and a few other things are in the pipeline (is that frustrating? I'm sorry, I'll just be quiet and post pictures) 

All of these illustrations are also available to view on my art tumblr. If you wish to share I would prefer a share of the original tumblr post but if you want to post on a different platform please credit correctly! Thank you in advance!

Do any of these look interesting to you? What have you got going on that you CAN talk about? I wanna hear it.