Childhood travels

I came across a collection of photos from my childhood in Australia and Malaysia. I was there when I was 9/10 for the millenium and memories came flooding back as I flicked through them. I wanted to share some of the pictures for a number of reasons. I like the images; something about film photographs and nostalgia really interest me.  I have an itch to use these in my next project but I am still figuring out how. 

Here are some of the photos with some of the stories I remembered. 


That is fringe cut to last a few weeks. We travelled around the South East of Australia staying in campsites of varying glamour. I remember this place because it was on the side of a huge lake and we got to sail across it. 



I learnt to ride in Adelaide from my mums cousins daughter, Debbie. This is Nick. And at least 2 of their 9 dogs came along too. 


Once while we were driving we heard a bang and swerved a little before driving to a hault. We had a punctured tire. I remember standing at the side of a road with nothing around us watching a car approach from a distance. The car stopped and a young couple got out. The guy helped my dad change the tire and the woman went into her car and brought out two dogs and a kitten. I sat at the side of the road holding and stroking this kitten very careful to not let her go. 

We drove off and quite a while later as we approached the next town we saw the same couple at the side of the road. They flagged us down and invited us to their families house. We swam in their pool, played Speed Freaks on the first playstation console and had a BBQ. This was at breakfast the next morning. The kitten wanted the bowl of cereal milk I think. I was addicted to Fruit Loops. 

I can't remember where it is, but I remember a place called Pebbly Beach. One Kangaroo grabbed my brothers arms to get his food. It was probably full of tourists (I mean we were there) but it was one of my favourite places we visited. 

I think I tried to befriend any animal I came across. Once we walked through a rainforest to get to a waterfall but made the discovery some way through that leeches had got into our shoes. My dad was checking us every few steps. It was the trainers I'm wearing in this picture. This must have been taken before because I never wore them after.


I guess I also learnt to use chop sticks. White shirt too. Risky. 

For a brief time we also visited Malaysia. We stayed on a small Island called Penang. I remember going up in this tiny carriage to get to the view in the first picture. I remember this old man in a cafe made sandwiches for me and my brother and I remember a group of students wanting to take our picture. 

There were some fancier parts. This was a hotel in Penang with a swim up bar. I thought I was such a grown up swimming up and giving the bar man my room number, ordering a non-alcoholic cocktail and not realising my parents were going to get charged for all of them. Sometimes Monkeys would get in. 



This was New Years Eve 1999 and it was the first time I had Champagne. I did not like it. 

My aunt and uncle live in Sydney and I think their house was kind of like our base. They had a budgie called Buddy and he would talk and we kept finding him eating the foam of the beer my dad and uncle would drink. 

I'm so happy I came across these again and remembered my time there. I was honestly so lucky to have had that experience  - I don't think you'd be able to leave school for that long now! - and I'm very grateful for it. 

Tell me about your travels? Where would you most like to go!?

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