Hello June


I am so excited for the sun to get here. I have bought so many clothes for the summer and for my holiday to Florida that is happening in February (I won't be able to buy summer clothe close to the time you see!). 

May was an alright month. I feel like it's all moving so quickly, sometimes it's hard for me to revisit what's happened. But if I look back at what I planned in my May blog post and see how I did. 

1. I sorted the categories on my blog so I can organise this place. It's taken a little while because I needed to see what I wanted to post and what I would carry on posting. They are;

Illustration: All my own artwork and professional ventures

Commissions - All private commissions, info on commissions. 

Fashion - My personal style and fashion illustration

Photography - My attempts at least. 

Events - All blog themed related trips. 

Life - Personal posts, holidays and fun things. 

2. I'm still doing the 100 days project and developing it to something that is going to help me. I don't know if I am doing it exactly right but I doubt I would have still been doing it had to brief.

3. I haven't delivered on the podcast and twitter chat but they are going through some amendments and are still imminent. 

So what about this month? 

1. Create a baller About Me page. Can you tell I'm slowly but surely (hopefully) improving this site? 

2. Get Brave Little Bones off for proof copies. You've heard the news, the content is finished! I hope the hard work shows because the design has changed so much since it's first try and both Kayla and myself have worked long and hard on it. I think it has almost double the illustrations it had originally and I hope that is incentive for you to get it than not ^_^

3. Do some photography. I've got some film cameras and I want to get to using them. 


Do you have goals for June?