30 Prompts!


As an Illustrator I work off of briefs. I get a problem and I work to solve it. Even before I knew what illustration was I would do this and the work I produced often came from an idea I'd gotten from a concept, song, show or piece of music - anything actually. I need a starting point.

When I get an itch to do something in my own time sometimes I find I have the inclination to create but not the idea. But once I'm working on something ideas flow quite easily. 

I've come up with 30 prompts to help any creator push through that annoying phase of needing an idea. You can use these as titles or as starting points. You can turn it into a challenge and do them all or you can pick a few and run with it. Do whatever you want. But if you take a prompt and create something with it - show me! Tweet me @alittlevoice or tag Hello Isabelle on tumblr!

I will dip in and out of using these prompts too and share what I come up with. I hope these help you!