Hello July!


I'm writing this on the hottest day of the year! I woke up and thought I better open my window but drew my curtains and I was like oh boy my window is open. It felt like waking up in another country. I stood outside as the kettle boiled (I still had my morning coffee, I'm not gonna go that crazy in the heat) and said to my mum it's like when you get off the plane in a hot country and the air hits you. It even smelt the same.  

Like being on holiday but you have to go to work.  

But talking of work, let's get to it. 

I set 3 tasks for last month. 

1. To create an about me page. I think what I created is an improvement and I will get to build on it as I develop the site. I also added a homepage which will direct you here, to my store and eventually to where you can listen to the podcasts I keep going on about.  

2. Get Brave Little Bones off for proof copies. I have to admit we failed on this one, but only by a few days and that's because our meeting has had to be re arranged. I can't control the powers that be! Is that a good enough excuse!? 

3. Take some photographs. I got my instax  fujifilm Out for the first time at Hannah's mums wedding. I took shots of my friends and they aren't perfect but they are mine to keep. 

As we hit July my diary gets a little crazy but as long as I survive the weather and traveling I hope to achieve some things.  

1. Put things up on etsy. It's time to open it up again.  

2. The 100 days project will end this month and I'm kinda glad but also grateful. And so far so good. I might actually finish something.  

3. Do more work. I have some commissions which is great and I want to generate more. Ideas come from working, and work I must!  

What at are your plans for July?